Credit Score Above 800

The best scores get the best interest rates.  A credit score above 800 is one of those scores and is considered an excellent credit score.  To get there takes serious discipline and you will be rewarded.  But is it worth to have a score that high?

The argument is sometimes made that a credit score above 800 is the same as getting a credit score in the high 700’s.   You will be classed in the same group getting the same interest rates.  The evidence can be found on sites like MyFICO where they give mortgage rates based on your credit score.  760 to 850 are all grouped together and get the same interest rates.  This makes getting a score this high there will be diminished rewards.

There is the pride aspect of having a credit score above 800.  You are one of the elite consumers in the country.  You are one of few maybe even top 5% of the population.  You can brag about how great you are with credit and you know what you are doing.  Or you could even take what you did to get a credit score above 800 and spread the word.  Help people achieve a better credit score.  Hell, why not write a book.

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  1. Les

    With Equifax Score Watch, I found out I have a score of 814! It is the first time going above 800. The most significant factors are paying bills on time and keeping your usage low (balance vs. limit). This applies to all revolving debt (those nasty credit cards). If you are still in the 600-700 range, don’t fret. Patience will get you there. Pay your balances off on a timely basis, stop opening up new cards (increasing your inquiries), and use your debit card instead!


    May 7th, 2009

  2. Edie Leone

    At 46, I just checked mine and found mine to be 870…so I’m proud of this of course. I have never missed a payment in my life….pay off car loans, houses and live well within my means. Key is to live within your means and not have many credit cards at one time. I only have one at a time and if there becomes a high balance (knowing I can pay it off within 6 months) I will transfer it over to a NO interest rate till then.

    November 23rd, 2009

  3. Kathy

    In reply to Les is this your “true FICO Score” or Equifax’s on personal score. There is a big difference. The highest FICO score I ever achieved was about 823. I was never able to get any higher because I had to buy a new car and it decreased with the financing. It still felt good and I have always taken pride in paying my bills on time no matter how much it hurt.

    December 21st, 2009

  4. Bart

    Not sure if that was a typo, or you are just full of it. The highest score possible is around 850 depending on the company.

    January 28th, 2011

  5. Alisdair

    In response to Bart. In Canada where I live the maximum is 900. My score is 817. Maybe Edie also lives in Canada?

    April 19th, 2011

  6. EPOC

    Just turned 40 just scored 804. But I will state that ti has little to do with one’s financial situation! While my liquid net worth is OK, my net worth is now very much negative and I would now consider myself a huge credit risk as my house is now worth $500K less than purchase price! But I guess until that blows up I can buy all the Maseratis and Porsches I want!

    October 11th, 2011

  7. Brian

    I just found out my credit score is 828. I always pay everything on time. My only debt right now is my mortgage and at least that is secured debt. I never buy anything on credit that has a high (or certain) probability of depreciating, i.e., cars. I do not drive junk, but I’d rather drive junk than have a car loan. Also I only buy things that I DON’T need on credit. That may sound wierd, but think about it. If you get into trouble, it is easier to dispose of something you don’t need vs something that you need and can’t do without. Having gone through I divorce last year, I’d say I did pretty well at protecting my credit.

    November 18th, 2011

  8. Johan

    My score is currently 823. I have zero debt, own my home free and clear, have never had a car loan, and typically run no higher than 10% of my available credit on three cards that I payoff completely each month (and have for a couple decades). My oldest credit card account dates from 1989. What it takes to get higher 823 that I have no clue.

    January 25th, 2012

  9. Gabe

    39 yrs old, just pulled my score… was 804. Made me really happy to see this. I’d always hovered btwn 730 to 760, and I have no clue what pushed my score over 800. I had a small credit card balance for years but finally decided to pay if off a few mos ago. Hard to believe THAT pushed my score up over 40 points though.

    April 13th, 2012

  10. Clair

    My score is currently 814. I have a small balance on one credit card, own my home, haven’t had a car loan for years and typically use no more than three cards each month although I have eight cards.
    Being retired, I did not think my score would be that high?

    June 21st, 2012

  11. Jo

    We are refinancing our mortgage and received a copy of our credit scores from the mortgage company. Equifax: 805, TransUnion: 823, and Experian: 820.
    We pay credit cards in full each month. Only owe on home. Thing that the report stated hurt our score was having too many credit card accounts…..
    Hmmmmm….. Thinking I will slowly be closing some of those out over the next year.

    August 14th, 2012

  12. Ben

    I am 28 and as of today 9-8-12 I have a score of 801. The secret is to pay off your bills each month. And… have 3 credit cards and one line of credit and one House Loan. And never use more than 7% of your limits on your credit cards. If so one can also have a perfect score. Keep in mind this will take time at least 5 to ten years. Good Luck to all.

    September 8th, 2012

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